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Gertrude and Mildred Pine – Spinster Sisters and Co-Creators of Vagicons.

Gert and Millie were celebrating their 70th Birthday with a few bottles of Korbel Champagne which made them exceptionally gassy aside from the drunkenness which caused Millie to blow her load about her sexual encounter the nite before. Gert, in all her subtleness, blurts out “OH, IS YOUR VAGINA SMILING?” to which Millie, overly excited, replies “THAT’S IT!! VAGICONS!!!”. I can’t believe nobody has thought of that yet.

Gert n Millie knocked the empty bottles and glasses off the table, pulled out the laptop and immediately Googled “Vagicons”, and, to their surprise, found that they were right – nobody had thought of it yet. Their eyes were bright with dollar signs as they created a logo and submitted their Trademark Registration application. The rest is what you see here and there’s tons more to come.

Now they’re only drinking Veuve Clicquot with a gallon of Sangria on the side and pooooor Gertrude has to drink 22oz of water every 4 hours to keep her colon cleansed.

You can contact Gert n Mille at:


Joe Mohma – Character Designer and Aesthetic Developer
Christian Carman – Website Developer

Vagicons comically address and break social stigma of gender issues with sensibilities that appeal to both men and women. “Every Vaj has a voice.” Vagicons aim to ‘Unmuffle’ the Vagina, allowing women to laugh at themselves and men to laugh with them. Benefiting from licensed merchandise, print, and animated shorts, Vagicons satirize print, music, film, television, personalities, and events. “I am vaj hear me roar” (gush, squirt, squeak . . . )

Special Thanks To:

Ray Perez for his outstanding performance as the German Woman reciting the Glossary terms and Character Backstories.

Sharda Smyth for her outstanding performance as the Indian Woman reciting the glossary terms and Character Backstories.

Donny Salazar of Union Music Studio for his tireless efforts in mixing the voices and music with the utmost professional quality.

Alex Adamo and Mike Antonucci for their tireless efforts and discomfort while wearing the Fluffy Muffy and Gooey Scrotum costumes while marketing this project.

Quinn Heraty of Heraty Law for her legal advice and all of her assistance in registering our Trademarks

The Whackadoos who inspired us

God & Eve for the Vagina

The Y Chromosome for not interfering

Special No Thanks to those who did nothing at all.

Extra Special No Thanks to those who doubted and/or dismissed us!!

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